The UK’ s largest ever mechanical puppet, an epic 10 metre plus mining Man Engine, travels its historic journey of the entire length of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, over two weeks of major celebrations.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape being added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Partnership has commissioned an exciting summer-long set of inspirational events and experiential happenings entitled Tinth.

The key event is the two week awe-inspiring journey of the Man Engine – a monumental moving, steaming ‘ beast’ , which will make its way from Tavistock to the far western tip of Cornwall, between 25th July and the 6th August 2016.

The largest mechanical puppet ever made in Britain, this major feat of Cornish engineering will be the same height as a double decker bus when in its ‘ crawling’ mode, transforming to almost three times that height when stood up. The part man, part machine will be accompanied by animated theatrical shows with music, theatre and storytelling, created by a team of more than a dozen ‘ miners’ and ‘ bal-maidens’ who will animate the giant throughout his travels.