The Brief

Surf and music festival, Newquay Cornwall

Event Liaison Team Manager

A senior festival management role crucial to the coordination and management of key agencies and contractors to keep systems running smoothly and respond to incidents.  The role was based within Event Control alongside representatives from the emergency services, festival security, medical, safety and management.

Key responsibilities:

Oversee all festival operations involving movement and processing of vehicles and people: Traffic, car parking, shuttle buses, coaches, entrance and search gates.

Manage key festival contractors and staff responsible for these areas: security, volunteer stewards, medical, fire, welfare, traffic management, transport providers, entrance managers.

Work with ELT communications ‘ event control’ team to respond to enquiries from staff, contractors and the public.

Liaise with other agencies including the site safety team to provide a coordinated, efficient and effective response to incidents.

Update / consult with the Production Director regularly / as required.

Participate in regular ELT meetings with all agencies.

Oversee the event control team to ensure that an accurate log is kept of all incidents, responses and data (e.g. regular updates on audience capacities).

Liaise with emergency services and local authority representatives on and off site.

The Results

Boardmasters 2017 took place from 9-13 August 2017